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Instruments for Sale in Victoria

To list an instrument for sale for 2 months, please contact the Suzuki Music Office. This is a free service for current financial members of Suzuki Music in Victoria. A charge will apply for non-members.

Last Updated 2/10/2018





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Flute Standard Pearl Flute 505. Silver plated. Very good condition. Comes with hard case which fits inside a soft carry case. $360 Jenny 0413 750 383 jchangbrowning
Guitar 1/2 Alhambra 1C 1/2 Classical Guitar with hard case. Has nylon strings. Excellent sound and condition, just has a few dents on the front side. $450 Shikha 0449 9873 93 shikha75.agarwal
Violin 1/4 Gewa Mittenwald-Adorf 2000 1/4 German violin with beautiful sound. Package comes with bow, shoulder rest and hard case. Easy to play with! $350 Shirley 0423 009 172
Violin 1/2 Suzuki Nagoya No. 220. Crafted in Japan. Good preloved condition. Comes with a bow and Kun shoulder rest in hard case. Sold and tuned by Antonio Stringgs. $750 Yuki 0416 128 565


Violin 4/4 Serie Limitee 2002, from Antonio Strings. Much loved violin of the Sabatini and Filshie families. Excellent condition, beautiful tone. $7000 Wendy 0402 052 613 wendy.lau



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