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Membership of Suzuki Music Association in Victoria

Membership of Suzuki Music enables families to access the full benefits of a Suzuki education as well as ensuring that Suzuki Method is available for the benefit of all Victorian families. Please note that there are no refunds or transfer of membership fees once payment has been accepted by Suzuki Music.

Memberships expire annually on 31 December and renewals fall due on 1 January of the next year. Memberships not renewed by the last business day of February each year will be cancelled and a rejoining fee applies.

Please note that membership fees are not refundable nor transferable once submitted.

New families or Re-joining members (not financial last year)

New family members and past members who need to rejoin (ie, were not financial members last year or who did not renew prior to 1 March) can


Renewing members - financial last year and renewing before 1 March

Families or country families who were members last year can renew their membership here until 28 February:

Teachers or trainee teachers who were members last year can renew their membership here until 28 February.


Why join?

To keep our association going because, without the Suzuki Association, there would not be excellent Suzuki teachers for families to enjoy - committed teachers who are constantly learning and developing
To feel a part of the wider Suzuki community
To have the opportunity to receive input from a variety of outstanding teachers via workshops
      and other events
To receive that extra boost from publications and parent education programs
To participate in Suzuki Graduation
To meet other parents, teachers and students who are also committed to the Suzuki

Benefits of Membership for Families

Eligiblity to participate in Suzuki events (including graduations) throughout the year
Suzuki Notes, a quarterly e-newsletter
Free classifieds listing (2 months)

Benefits of Membership for Teachers

Eligiblity to present students for Graduation (subject to PD Points Requirements)
Eligibility to participate in Suzuki Professional Development sessions throughout the year
Listing in the Directory of Accredited Teachers (subject to Accreditation, WWC Check & PD Points Requirement)
Suzuki Notes, a quarterly e-newsletter
Free classifieds listing (2 months)

New members or re-joining members

New members

New memberships are open to families who have not been a member of Suzuki music at any time previously and who are learning from a current financial teacher member of the Suzuki Assocation who has commenced or completed training on that instrument.

Teachers who wish to take out a new teacher membership must contact Suzuki Music to apply, as Suzuki teacher training credentials will be required.

Families who join for the first time part way through the year are eligible for part year memberships but memberships MUST be paid for prior to entering in any event. Event late fees will apply for families who join after the event closing date regardless of when their event application was received. Families who take out a part year membership are NOT eligible to present a graduation at any time in that year.

Families are eligible for a Country Family membership if their residential address has a postcode that does not fall between 3000 and 3207.

Families who have a child or children who are participating in Baby Voice or Baby & Toddler classes only and are three years of age or under are eligible for a Baby & Toddler membership. Once the oldest child has turned 4 or any child in the family commences lessons on an instrument the family must upgrage to a family or country family membership.

Re-joining members

Families who have been members of Suzuki Music in the past but have let their membership lapse (ie, whave been members previously but have not renewed for 2021 prior to 1 March 2021) need to rejoin as members, incurring the re-joning fee. Pro rata or part year rates are NOT available to re-joining members for any reason. Where possible, past families and teachers will be issued with the same membership number as they previously held.

Friends of Suzuki Music

Past family or teacher members, and intersted community members, are invited to remain in touch with us through a special Friends of Suzuki Music membership. Friends of Suzuki members receive the quarterly e-newsletter Suzuki Notes.

Please note that Friends of Suzuki members are not eligible for any other Suzuki Music membership benefits.

Please contact us to take out a Friends of Suzuki membership.


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