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Professional Development


As you are aware, the very essence of Suzuki method is change. Dr. Suzuki himself was careful to bring to teachers' attention any development by announcing "new idea!". We all then tried to incorporate this new idea into our own teaching.

It was with this in mind that the requirement of 6 hours per year of professional development came into existence. After all, we can only teach using Suzuki Method's most current ideas by attending regular professional development sessions. The Professional Development Committee tries to offer stimulating sessions throughout the year to excite the interest and growth of all of us. Many Suzuki organisations in Australia , and around the world, have such a requirement, often much more than 6 hours per year.

The Annual Professional Development Requirement

Accredited Suzuki teachers are required to complete six hours (including 3 hours of instrument specific pd on each instrument that you have trained in) of Suzuki Professional Development each year in order to be eligible in the FOLLOWING year to

Be listed in the Directory of Accredited Teachers


Enter students for graduations.

The hours are to be completed by the close of business for the year unless special exemption has been granted by the Professional Development Committee.

Completing Your Hours

The required 6 hours may be completed through:

Attendance at the numerous PD sessions offered by Suzuki Music, including Autumn Festival.
Enrolment in an Intermediate or Advanced Course (the year of lectures/tutorials only, not just
     completing assessment requirements)
Attendance at selected Primary lectures or Intermediate tutorials (by arrangement with the tutor
Attendance at other Suzuki Association Professional Development sessions, either interstate
     or overseas (proof of attendance required in the form of notes being sent to office)
Individual lessons with a Teacher Trainer (please note that this is not available as an end of
     year, last minute option)


All Accredited teachers who fulfil the Annual Professional Development Requirement will be issued with an annual Teacher Registration Certificate , sent in February each year. Teacher trainee members who complete a minimum of six hours of Professional Development will be issued a Certificate of Attendance .

Teachers in Training

Primary Trainees in the first year of their course are not required to attend other PD activities to meet the Annual PD Requirement. It is, however, recommended as it is an excellent opportunity to experience other Suzuki teacher trainers and teachers.

In the second and subsequent years of completing the course, Primary Trainees ARE required to do the minimum 6 hours in order to remain on the Teachers List (and enter students for graduation that year if the trainee has completed their accreditation). Primary Course reunion tutorials count towards your 6 hours professional development.

For example, a teacher starts the Primary Course in 2012 and after completing the necessary requirements, is listed in the Teacher's Directory as an Approved Trainee. They must complete the 6 hours in 2013 in order to remain on the list in 2014, either still as an Approved Trainee or as Primary Accredited.


Suzuki Music Bursary Fund for Teachers


To assist teachers in furthering their professional development, Suzuki Music is offering a bursary for financial accredited teachers.

Please see the application form and information for further details.



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